We handle the crowd, so you can handle the sales.

CrowdHandler’s virtual waiting room prevents website crashes and treats customers fairly, so that you can maximize profits on your busiest days.

The most powerful, flexible queueing software

Keep track of your queues, and your site performance too. Our dashboard tells you everything you need to know about the state of your application.

Build excitement around scarcity. Count down to your drop, and treat your fans fairly, by randomizing positions at the critical moment.

One in one out, rate-limiting or priority access. Protect your whole domain or just one URL. Integrate at the edge, or with our API — CrowdHandler works the way you need it.

Transparent pricing

No need to call for a quote, just sign up today with your credit card.

Get started $FREE

A fully-functional waiting room for 100 people is yours, free of charge, forever. See how it easy it is to install CrowdHandler without risking a penny.

Month on / month off

Pay for what you need, when you need it. Your account can always be downgraded to the free tier. No long-term commitment required.

“Great set-up experience. Fast, efficient support.”


”We had issues with sudden bursts of traffic taking our eCommerce stores offline. Launches or Viral hits would cripple our systems, significantly affecting the ability to profit from the popularity. CrowdHandler fixed everything, we let people onto our site in a controlled manner and made more sales than ever.”

Jamie Recker, BuiltByGo

“We left CrowdHandler operating on our site, based on a slow request threshold. This has already paid dividends. In the past week the unexpected announcement of a lineup for an event triggered a huge spike in demand, which we were able to handle comfortably.”

Matthew Large, Glisttr

“We expected a huge spike in users for a 24 hour period. CrowdHandler allowed us to protect our infrastructure, without confusion. Having the ability to place users in a virtual waiting room allowed us to manage the use of our service, without worrying that the spike would affect day to day users.”

Jason Hawkins, Choice Voting

Up and running in < 1 hour