Feature announcement: Akamai EdgeWorkers integration for CrowdHandler

We're pleased to announce that CrowdHandler is adding Akamai to our stable of edgeworker integrations.

Trusted by some of the world's biggest brands, Akamai's CDN (Content Delivery Network) allows thousands of enterprises worldwide to secure and deliver digital experiences, via its global network of more than a quarter of a million edge servers. 

Now, businesses that use Akamai can easily install and implement a CrowdHandler virtual waiting room, using Akamai's EdgeWorkers.

Akamai’s EdgeWorkers edge computing solution, launched in 2021, allows companies' development teams to create and deploy all kinds of services ‘on the edge’ – as close as possible to end users – to improve customer experience.

Integrate a virtual waiting room without modifying your application

An online waiting room protects your website during periods of heavy traffic, preventing your servers from becoming overwhelmed and allowing your customers to continue processing transactions with confidence.

Our powerful, flexible queueing software prevents website crashes and treats customers fairly, allowing businesses to maximise profits at their busiest times.

Like all CrowdHandler's CDN integrations, our Akamai waiting room integration offers extra security and protection: because the waiting room check runs at Akamai's edge, rather than in the browser, any opportunity for tech savvy users to bypass it is removed.

And, because the integration uses Akamai EdgeWorkers, development teams will not need to modify their application at all. 

Add protection without compromising the cache

We know that thousands of customers rely on Akamai for its content caching – which is why the CrowdHandler waiting room does not compromise or disrupt Akamai's ability to cache pages in any way. Akamai will continue to take the load off your server when serving cached pages to your users.

That’s because the CrowdHandler waiting room is running in front of the cache – in other words, the waiting room check and subsequent user redirect happens before the page is retrieved from the cache, not the server. So you can rely on Akamai to keep informational pages up and running, whilst leveraging the waiting room to queue access to heavier transactional pages.

Light-touch integration keeps your UX fast and seamless

Because the CrowdHandler waiting room configuration and user status is maintained within Akamai, our edgeworker code adds an average of just 20ms to page load times. By using this ‘light touch’ integration, rather than making multiple API calls, CrowdHandler ensures that your customers will not experience any page load delays.

Furthermore, when using the Akamai EdgeWorkers integration, the CrowdHandler waiting room is completely white label. It lives on your domain, not ours – so users will remain on your site, and will not find themselves redirected to a subdomain, or entirely different domain.

Get started

If you are using Akamai and looking for a virtual waiting room solution, find out more about the CrowdHandler waiting room integration with our Akamai Integration - Getting Started guide.

If you are not already taking advantage of the EdgeWorkers edge computing solution, find out more on the Akamai EdgeWorkers website, or speak to your Akamai account executive.

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