Integration Components

Our Shopify integration has three components. 

  1. Javascript Integration (required). This is the key integration component and drives validation of end users to check whether they should be allowed on to your Shopify PDP or redirected to the waiting room. 
  2. Anti-Cheat webhook (optional). Detects and removes line items from a Shopify session that have not been validated and flagged as promoted by CrowdHandler.
  3. Inventory Syncer (optional). Synchronises Shopify product/variant inventory quantities to CrowdHandler, allowing Stock levels to be displayed in the CrowdHandler waiting room and/or used as waiting room state triggers (sold out for example).

Getting Started


  1. A Shopify admin account with permission to edit the theme.liquid file.
  2. If you are installing the optional anti-cheat webhook and inventory syncer you will need a Shopify admin account with permission to be able to:
    1. Install custom apps.
    2. Install webhooks through the notifications setting.


  1. Log in to 
  2. Set up your CrowdHandler domain and room. You can use the dashboard on-boarding helper to guide you through the process. The screenshot below is an example of typical Shopify PDP room setup. Once you're done, make sure that your deployment mode is set to ShopifyJS.

  3. From the deployments screen, click on the ShopifyJS edit button for the domain that you would like to configure.

  4. You'll arrive at this screen where you'll be guided through the installation process of each component by the installation wizard and related documentation.